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Cobus Nel and Martin van Vuuren discuss Eridanus on Ontbytsake.


Eridanus’s Head Investment Officer, Cobus Nel, discusses the benefits of investing in Eridanus compared to other types of investments, like Bitcoin.

Interview (22.04.26)

Cobus Nel, Eridanus Head Investment Officer, talks about the positive factors of investing in agriculture, why Eridanus offers a viable investment opportunity and how the company contributes to the agri market.

Interview (22.04.14)

Cobus Nel, Eridanus Head Investment Officer, discusses why Eridanus invests in agriculture and how it benefits investors. He talks about the impact of the war in Ukraine and other international factors, how this impacts South Africa’s agriculture, and how Eridanus maximises these events as opportunities for its investors.


Eridanus’s Head Investment Officer, Cobus Nel, gives an overview of what Eridanus offers and its benefits to investors. He discusses the 2022 year and provides a forecast for 2023, and how Eridanus offers viable investment opportunities and guaranteed returns.


Eridanus is a niche investment company that provides investment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

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