Agriculture and food supply services form an essential part of economic activity in Southern Africa and as such, the demand for a wide variety of agricultural products is almost permanently assured. At Eridunus, we invest in sustainable food production businesses to help grow the industry and ensure dependable food supply both locally and internationally. We do this by:

Obtaining a majority equity stake in niche private agricultural equities

Outperforming the market every financial year

Selecting farming equities that have proven their profitability over the past decade

Raising capital through our current agricultural division portfolio pipeline


We employ an extremely conservative approach to making investments, with all underlying investments insured against all reasonable, foreseeable risks, as well as secured through investments in various unit trusts.


Eridanus has an excellent track record with net dividends per year of 10% - 13%, outperforming the market by almost double.

Our portfolio

Grain Division: Various Entities

Ranging from 1000-2000 ha dryland grain crops

Ranging from 1000-1500 ha irrigation grain crops

Production Capital ranging between 45 million and 75 million

Current Running ROI for Eridanus 15.75%

Cattle Division: Various Entities

Ranging from 2000 - 10000 cattle

Production Capital ranging between 20 million and 90 million

Current Running ROI for Eridanus 17%

Dairy Division

Ranging from 1000- 1500 cattle

Production Capital ranging between 10 million and 12 million

Current Estimated ROI for Eridanus 14%

Asset Solution Division: Various Entities

Ranging between 20 million and 60 million

Current Running ROI for Eridanus 16%

Our future plans

Eridanus has the opportunity to increase investment in the current investment divisions, through lucrative business relationships that support expansions in the form of new farming entities. These new opportunities enable Eridanus and their business partners to improve the livelihoods of farmers throughout South Africa.

These business partners include, but are not limited to, Farm Rescue Pty Ltd and Farm Rescue Assistance Fund.

Together with our business partners, it is our vision to empower current South African farmers, by supporting them financially and legally, and providing advice that enables them to perform to the best of their abilities and to the advantage of investors.


Eridanus is a niche investment company that provides investment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

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