Adventure Agricultural Capital Fund

As an Agri Impact Venture Capital Fund, Eridanus provides the opportunity for investors to get involved in the exciting agricultural sector.

How it works

Eridanus invests in the agricultural sector using financial instruments in the form of structured debt and equity funding. The entities that are invested in are carefully chosen by our investment committee, with low risk and high income being the main considerations.

In addition, Eridanus partners with a wide range of industry experts who investigate and become involved in potential and qualifying investment projects. This ensures that suitable shareholding, financial control and management oversight are obtained in order to minimise risk and maximise returns for investors.

Investors pay no management fees, unit trust fees or upfront capital raising fees. You are exposed to lucrative agricultural opportunities and are offered preferential investment when limited, lucrative opportunities arise.

Your returns

As a new investor you will receive a preferential dividend of 10% after tax, payable monthly or accumulated monthly. Investment by Eridanus also ensures liquidity and enables us to offer investors a 90 day notice period without penalty.

Investment Opportunities

Eridanus make available to investors the opportunity to form part of tangible investments in lucrative low risk farming entities. The investments are made in a broad spectrum of farming operations concentrating mainly on grain and cattle farming under irrigation. Eridanus believe that the ever increasing demand in food supply and the scarcity thereof will continue to ensure highly profitable investments.

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Eridanus Green

As an en commandite partnership, the Eridanus Green Fund enables investors to receive tax deductions from their taxable income, in the year in which they invest into the partnership.

How it works

Eridanus Green invests in the sustainable energy and irrigation equipment sectors, giving investors in both circumstances a Section 12 tax deduction from their taxable income in the year in which they made the investment.

In addition, Eridanus Green has partnered with other financial institutions that provide lucrative investment opportunities and, in some instances, have co-financed large projects. These relationships are built to enable Eridanus Green to deliver maximum returns and minimum risk to investment partners.

Investors pay yearly management fees to the general manager of Eridanus Green, but pay no upfront capital raising fees. You are exposed to the most lucrative green energy and irrigation equipment opportunities and are offered preferential investment when limited, lucrative opportunities arise.

Your returns

As a new investor you will receive a yearly profit share, as well as a yearly tax deduction that you can use as a tax deduction from your personal or business taxable income.

Investment Opportunities

Eridanus Green provides its investors with a huge competitive advantage. With the largest investment in renewable energy being in the agricultural sector, and with Eridanus Ltd already investing considerably in this sector, Eridanus Green has an unlimited pipeline of investments at its disposal.

Tax Incentive

The government's Section 12B of the Income Tax Act enables tax deductible investments for qualifying investments. For the next two years, 125% of the investment will be deductible from your taxable income, giving you a guaranteed return of 56,25% of your investment. If you invest R1 000 000, you can deduct R1 235 000 from your taxable income in year one. With a 45% tax rate, SARS will automatically reimburse you R562 500 in year one.

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Farm Rescue Assistance Fund

As a registered non-profit organisation that receives tax deductible donations, Farm Rescue Assistance provides the opportunity for donors to get involved in the exciting agricultural sector by providing much needed financial assistance to South African farmers in various financial or personal distress.

How it works

The Farm Rescue Assistance Fund receives tax deductible donations from the public or South African companies and uses these donations to support South African farmers financially or personally by:

Providing qualifying farmers with no-cost finance, enabling them to pay legal bills when financial or other institutions seek to outlitigate them.

Providing qualifying farmers with finance when they are in various stages of financial distress.

Providing qualifying farmers with equipment support, such as harvester/planting services when the need is high and nobody else is available.

Your returns

You will receive a Section 18A tax deductible certificate for all donations made and can deduct these donations from your personal or company taxable income. When you or your company qualify, you can choose to appear on our Farm Rescue Assistance Fund “Wall of Heroes”, which shows people and organisations that actively support South African farmers.

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Wall of Heroes

Thank you for each and every contribution, which is helping to support South African farmers.


Eridanus is a niche investment company that provides investment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

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