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If you are an individual and you want to quickly see the amount of tax that SARS will pay back to you from your tax paid during the year after investing in Eridanus click on the link below, if you can invest the same amount as your yearly income into Eridanus the amount of yearly tax calculated by this link that you already paid throughout the year to SARS, will be paid back to you by SARS.


(Taking nothing else into account just for example purposes this will differ case to case)  


Monthly salary: R90,000 

Yearly salary: R1,080,000

Monthly PAYE: R28,802

Yearly Tax: R359,840


Thus an investment into Eridanus of R1,080,000 SARS will pay you back your yearly tax of R359,840 and you have an investment in Eridanus of R1,080,000 which will grow and earn you dividends

We can help you by structuring your finances to obtain this great investment opportunity into Eridanus

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We will contact you within 7 business days to discuss your details.

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